Smoke more, care less~

Sour cheese

crumble, butter, shatter

O.G Kush

badbitchkush asked: Hey babe! Would you mind checking out my blog? Maybe I could get a reblog or two? thank yooou Xo

deff followed you, so everyone else should too :]

blipped-intimacy asked: Hey your blog is dank :') hope you have a high 420 on Sunday and plenty of Easter eggs :') would you check out my blog if you can find a second <3 stay blipped x

dank you bb, followed<3

livefreeordiexx asked: Seriously, you're so awesome and pretty and I love that you're so positive all the time! xoxo

this seriously made me smile so much, thank you lovely, i hope you have an awesome day<33

sinkingthroughspace asked: Not even a question, just followed and wanted to let you know your blog has a kick ass name

welllll dank you so much (:


What a beautiful 420!

Melty Full Flava Extracts Chocolate Kush.
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